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Benefits of TPR

World's most thoroughly researched approach in second language acquisition.

    • Successful with children and adults learning any language.
    • Understanding of any target language with Long-term retention and Zero stress!
    • Another unusual feature: enjoyable for teachers as well as students!
Does TPR really work?

Mark Chung, a University of Southern California graduate, says:

"Using all of your TPR books and video demonstrations, we opened a small school in Seoul, Korea. The year was 1990. We started with four children learning English with TPR. We now have 20,000 students and 104 teachers.... Thank you."

Read these Testimonials:

Withdrawal from Grammar - Translation to TPR: A Personal Testimony  by Mary J. G. Harris

Turkish students acquiring English with TPR: A Personal Testimony  by Yakup Cetin

Learning Italian at School with TPR by Playing, Creating, and Doing   by Arcangela Mastromarco

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