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 I was keen in to know what the famous TPR was, so I ordered the most material I could buy at that time. I must confess that I devoured all your books.My copy of Dr. Asher's Learning Another Language Through Actions is well-worn because I read it at least six times; each time I pick up something new. I simply do not know how to thank you. My life has turned 180 degrees; I think I am one of your biggest fans. - Jim Martinez, Brazil
I spent 14 years teaching Spanish, French, and Russian in a public high school here in Washington State using TPR... I can state with no hesitation or reservations that this is the BEST strategy for getting beginners into a language effortlessly-and it works with ALL age groups, including adults. As people progress, they need a variety of approaches, but at no time in their learning does TPR cease to be effective. Frankly, I think we ought to be teaching a wide variety of subjects with TPR-including English to native speakers! - L. Zink de Diaz, Washington USA

I would like to thank you for the marvelous teaching experience you have enabled for me through TPR... The very flexibility of the TPR approach allows me to customize each lesson to my students' goals. - M. Ares, Lecherias, Edo Anzoategui (Venezuela)

As a second year teacher of French who employs TPR, I consider it one of the most constructive teaching strategies for acquiring a foreign language. Not only do my students enjoy the class; they come in each day excited to learn... Many parents during Parent-Teacher conferences commented on how much their children spoke French at home...Other parents were excited because they too were learning French from their children. Many students became teachers to their parents, siblings, or friends... My students learn the basics of French effectively with TPR activities while having lots of fun interacting and contributing to the success of the class. - G. Buchan, Portland, Oregon USA

I'm a raving maniac about TPR! I have used it for 12 years with success; success, success... helping children and high school students acquire Spanish. If I was going to learn another language, please, please present it to me in a TPR format. - M. Pust, Glendale, Arizona USA

I run a private school in Japan for 480 students and English is acquired with the ease of cutting through butter when lessons are presented with TPR. No wonder I have attended every TPR workshop anywhere in the world presented by Dr. James J. Asher, the originator of the Total Physical Response approach. - A. Haruyama, Kanagawa, Japan

I am one of those "odd ducks" teaching Latin in high school who believes that speaking Latin is a necessary and enjoyable part of learning the language. Dr. Asher's Learning Another Language Through Actions is full of helpful advice and practical answers to all sorts of questions I have had. Just as TPR works for modem languages, it is an exciting alternative to the old memorization techniques for learning ancient Latin.Many thanks for all your work in TPR; it was just what I was looking for! - V. Jackson, Fayetteville, Arkansas USA

Thank you so much for your excellent TPR materials, which I use exclusively for teaching English to Mongols. They have made my class very successful and fun! I began to envy my students their ease of English acquisition, and asked my Mongol instructor tutor to please use TPR to teach me Mongolian. He plugged us into a Mongolian translation of Cabello's Total Physical Response in First Year English and we now have eight Americans in the pilot class... - B. Hogan, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I am devotee of TPR in foreign language acquisition! I have taught Latin for nine years and during the last four years I have successfully used TPR... What a novel idea for teachers of a language that used to be taught the old-fashioned way: decline and conjugate! BBBAAAAAHHHH...!I look forward to using your web page in my next foreign language staff development workshop. - Multas gratias tibi ago,-L. Noles

Dear friends,I'm having good success using TPR (Total Physical Response), on a beginning class of Polish post office workers. TPR functions just as Dr. Asher describes it in Learning Another Language Through Actions! - S. Urbano, Kolobrzeg, Poland

In all my teaching, I have never had so many students perform between 85 and 100 percent. And they enjoyed it!At graduation last night, I actually had students coming up to me saying that they had a good year and were looking forward to next year. Some were talking about the new languages they were going to try in college.I will never be the same again and I will never go back to stone-age tools of teaching... I'm not sure who learned more this year-the students or me! I like their confidence and willingness to use the target language. Several have told me that they can now communicate and learn more from people they work with who speak Spanish. What an exciting place for a student to be! Thank you for a wonderful start. Now IÍm looking to see where we can go from here with TPR. - S. Terrill, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania USA

Here in the Amazon we have used TPR with primary, secondary, and university students, and the response has always been one of great enthusiasm and delight. - S. Silvers, Manaus, Brazil

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