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I want to update you with some news!

New on YouTube
Aaron Myers , producer of The Everyday Language Learner,
interviewed me about my current views of foreign language learning.
Aaron says this candid interview will inform and inspire many, but offend some.
YouTube: Everyday Language Interview

New ebook
Discoveries by Ordinary People that Changed the World. By James J. Asher
After each remarkable story, I have a brief conversation with Albert Einstein
to find out what lesson we can learn about science, technology, or mathematics.
eBook: Discoveries by Ordinary People that Changed the World

New - Complete English Grammar on a CD
For ESL instructors at all levels from Professor Stephen M. Silvers:
The Complete English Grammar on a CD (or a download, if you prefer).
Unique feature: Simply go to the table of contents, click on a grammatical item
and Steve demonstrates how to TPR that item for best results.
CD: Complete English Grammar on a CD

Another hot new book
Let's Make Sense of Algebra : For everyone who wants to know what algebra is all about
by James j. Asher - Exclusive new discovery in mathematics: Plato's Algebra, which is so simple
a child can understand, and so powerful, it may replace the traditional algebra we all endured.
Book: Let's Make Sense of Algebra

TPR Interview
- YouTube video

What is TPR?

Benefits of TPR

About the Originator
- Dr. James J. Asher

Articles about TPR you may want to print out for your students and colleagues.
About Stress-Free Language Learning


Ideas For Excellence
A Conversation with Dr. James J. Asher

TPR: After forty years, still
a very good idea

By Dr. James J. Asher

The ABC's of TPR
By Dr. Francisco Cabello

Fear of Foreign Languages
By Dr. James J. Asher

How to TPR abstractions:
The critical role of imagination

By Dr. James J Asher and Stephen M. Silvers

Organizing your classroom for successful second language acquisition
By Dr. James J. Asher

Personal Testimonies About TPR

Withdrawal from Grammar -
Translation to TPR: A Personal Testimony

By Mary J. G. Harris

Turkish students acquiring English with TPR: A personal testimony
by Yakup Cetin


How to apply TPR Storytelling
for best results

by Dr. James J. Asher

Research for TPR Storytelling
by Dr. James J. Asher

Brain Research

Breakthrough in Brain Research:
Learning Languages Without Stress

by Dr. James J. Asher

How the brain influences our behavior:
Latest research findings

by Dr. James J. Asher

Fast, stress-free learning on the
right side of the brain: Future Direction

by Dr. James J. Asher

About Stress-Free Math Learning


Some Mysteries of Arithmetic Explained:
Secrets revealed that may help parents and teachers clarify mathematics for youngsters

by Dr. James J. Asher


The Myth of Algebra
by Dr. James J. Asher

Learning Algebra on the right side
of the brain

by Dr. James J. Asher

Learning Algebra on the Right Side of the Brain: The Wright Brothers Puzzle was making some readers crazy
by Dr. James J. Asher

Prime Numbers

The Mystery of Prime Numbers:
A toy for curious people of all ages
to play with on their computers

By Dr. James J. Asher


How To Become a Prize-Winning Language Instructor
By Dr. James J. Asher

Making Yourself Happy
The value of setting short-term goals

By Dr. Ted Sielaff

Selecting a college that's right for you
By Dr. Ted Sielaff

How to Help Your Child  Become
an all "A" Student

By Dr. James J. Asher

Einstein Never Used Flash Cards:
How our children REALLY learn—and why they need to play more and memorize less

Book Review by James J. Asher

Some Entertainment

An Evening with Cary Grant

More TPR Information

  Prize-Winning Research CD
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