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Books and Games by Ramiro Garcia
Including TPR Bingo
  • TPR expert working with high school students and adults.
  • Honored with the prestigious "Most Remembered Teacher" and "Outstanding Teacher" awards.

From the science program Nova, narrated by Dr. James J. Asher,
watch Ramiro Garcia on YouTube applying TPR with his students

Instructor's Notebook
by Ramiro Garcia
Triple Expanded 4th Edition

For 20 years, Ramiro Garcia has successfully applied the Total Physical Response in his high school and adult language classes.

Four NEW Chapters in the Triple Expanded 4th Edition (288 pages):

  • Speaking, Reading, and Writing.
  • How to Create Your Own TPR Lessons.

More than 200 TPR scenarios for beginning and advanced students.

  • TPR Games for all age groups.
  • TPR Testing for all skills including oral proficiency.

In this illustrated book, Ramiro shares the tips and tricks that he has discovered in using TPR with hundreds of students. No matter what language you teach, including ESL and the sign language of the deaf, you will enjoy this insightful and humorous book.

All Languages and All Ages
Begin. & Interm. Students of All Ages
All Languages

#225 - Instructor's Notebook - How to apply TPR for Best Results
#224 - Instructor's Notebook - TPR Homework Exercises
Ramiro's brand-new companion book to the Instructor's Notebook

The Graphics Book
For All Languages and Students of All Ages
by Ramiro Garcia

Dear Colleague,

You recall that I introduced graphics in the Instructor's Notebook: How To Apply TPR For Best Results. Hundreds of teachers tried the graphics with their students in many different languages including ESL and were excited to discover that students of all ages thoroughly enjoyed working with the material.

Your students understand a huge chunk of the target language because you used TPR. Now, with my new graphics book, you can follow up with 300 drawings on tear-out strips and sheets that help your students zoom ahead with more vocabulary, grammar, talking, reading, and writing in the target language. In this book, you will receive step-by-step guidance in how to apply the graphics effectively with children and adults acquiring any language, including ESL.

As an extra bonus, you will discover how to use the graphics to test the achievement of your students in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. In fact, I provide you with 60 multiple-choice graphic tests for beginning and intermediate students.

Order the Graphics Book in your choice of English, Spanish, French, or German.

Best wishes for continued success,

Ramiro Garcia

ESL Students of All Ages
Students of Spanish of All Ages
Students of French of All Ages
Students of German of All Ages

#228 - The Graphics Book in English
Click to view Table of Contents.
#229 - The Graphics Book in Spanish
Click to view Table of Contents.
#236 - The Graphics Book in French
Click to view Table of Contents.
#237 - The Graphics Book in German
Click to view Table of Contents.

TPR Bingo
created by Ramiro Garcia

TPR Bingo was created by Ramiro Garcia, author of the best-selling book, "Instructor's Notebook." In 20 years of applying the Total Physical Response in his high school and adult Spanish classes, TPR Bingo is the game that students want to play over and over.

TPR Bingo comes with complete step-by-step directions for playing the game, rules for winning, 40 playboards (one side for beginners and the reverse side for advanced students), a master caller's board with 100 pictures, chips, and caller-cards in your choice of English, Spanish, French or German. As Ramiro says, "Try this game with your students. You will love it!"

Here's how TPR Bingo works: You call out a direction in the target language such as "The man opens the door." Students listen to the utterance, search for a matching picture and if it is on their playboard, cover it with a chip. You may order the game in English, Spanish, French or German.

When students listen to the instructor utter directions in the target language, they are internalizing comprehension. But, as they advance in understanding, individual students will ask to play the role of the caller which gives students valuable practice in reading and speaking. Incidentally, as students play TPR Bingo, they internalize numbers in the target language from 1 through 100. Additional chips may be ordered if you wish to use the TPR Bingo Game in another language.

News Flash!
Brand new feature!
Now included in every order of TPR Bingo....
Play TPR Bingo with your students
to move them from the imperative to the declarative
(and interrogative). It's easy, it's fun,
and you will love it! - Ramiro Garcia

#226E - TPR Bingo - English
#226S - TPR Bingo - Spanish
#226F - TPR Bingo - French
#226G - TPR Bingo - German
Order additional chips to use the TPR Bingo Game in another language!
#226CE - Additional Bingo Chips in English
#226CS - Additional Bingo Chips in Spanish
#226CF - Additional Bingo Chips in French
#226CG - Additional Bingo Chips in German

Ramiro Garcia

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