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Dr. Margaret S. Woodruff-Wieding

Co-recipient of the prestigious    "Paul Pimsleur Award".

Favorite Games for Foreign Language and
English as Second Language Classes

For All Levels and All Languages

by Margaret S. Woodruff-Wieding, Ph.D. and Laura J. Ayala

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Games
How to get students involved
· How the games were selected or invented.

Chapter 3: Game Learning Categories
Alphabet and Spelling · Changing Case
· Changing Tense · Changing Voice
· Describing Actions · Describing Objects
· Getting Acquainted · Giving Commands
· Hearing and Pronouncing · Statements & Questions
· Negating Sentences · Numbers and Counting
· Parts of the Body and Grooming · Plurals and Telling How Many
· Possessive Adjectives & Belonging · Recognizing Related Words
· Telling Time · Using Correct Word Order.

Chapter 4: Games by Technique
Responding to Commands
· Guessing · Associating · Simulating · Sequencing
· Listing · Matching · Categorizing

Chapter 5: Special Materials For Games
Objects · Cards · Authentic Props
· Stories · Pictures

Chapter 6: Bibliography

Click to view full Table of Contents

All Languages/All Ages

#291 - Favorite Games for FL-ESL Classes
Comprehension Based Language Lessons

by Margaret S. Woodruff-Wieding, Ph.D.
Winner of the Paul Pimsleur Award!

Here are detailed lesson plans for 60 hours of TPR Instruction that make it easy for novice instructors to apply the Total Physical Response approach at any level. The TPR lessons include:

  • Step-by-step directions so that instructors in any foreign language (including ESL) can apply comprehension training successfully.
  • Competency tests to be given after the 10th and 30th lessons.
  • Pretested short exercises - dozens of them to capture student interest.
  • Many photographs.

Note: Some people have requested the prize-winning lessons in English only, others wanted German only, and others wanted both German and English. To satisfy everyone we have printed these lessons in two languages - English and German, but we have charged you only the cost of printing a single language.

Level 1 Students

#290 - Comprehension Based Language Lessons - Level 1

Dr. Margaret Woodruff-Wieding

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