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Teacher Kits are available in:
English | Spanish | French | German | Dutch

     Use the transparencies with an overhead projector to flash a playboard on a large screen. Your students listen to you utter a direction in the target language, watch you perform the action on the large screen, and then follow by performing the same action in their TPR Student Kits.

Best wishes for continued success,

James J. Asher

     P.S. My sister and I recently tried one of the Student Kits with a native speaker of Arabic giving directions. We were both surprised at how much vocabulary and grammar we picked up in a few minutes of play.

     Try this with any language you wuld like to acquire from Turkish to Chinese to Hebrew. It is simple, fast-moving, and it works!

Teacher Kits are available in:
English | Spanish | French | German | Dutch

TPR Teacher Kits