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A Second Language Classroom That Works
A Second Language Classroom That Works
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    Code: 98
    Price: $19.00

    Dear Colleague,

         At my high school, we were disappointed that only 30 percent of the students enrolled in either Spanish or French and then, student interest faded after one or two years.

         We were determined to transform our foreign language offering into an award-winning program, but how to do it? Well, after many years of trial and error, my colleagues and I developed some very simple strategies that actually worked! Result: The demand for foreign languages exploded so much that the school added Russian, Italian, German and Japanese. A remarkable turnaround for any school.

         Now I would like to share these strategies with you. They are quick and simple. They are easily adapted to any grade level, any language, and any instructor’s personal teaching style.

         And, as Dr. Phil would say, ‘Please let me know how the strategies are working for you.”


    Bonus: Strategies are in harmony with James Asher’s TPR which always starts with
    fast-moving comprehension of the target language in chunks rather than word-by-word.

    A Second Language Classroom That Works