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Dr. Francisco Cabello, TPR lessons that work for teens and adults

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Dr. Francisco Cabello Dr. Francisco Cabello is a TPR and TPR Storytelling expert working with high school students, college students and older adults. Read his Introduction to TPR: The ABC's of TPR

Dear Colleague,

I want to share with you the TPR Lessons that my high school and college students have thoroughly enjoyed and retained for weeks - even months later. My book has...

- A script you may follow step-by-step including a list of props needed to conduct each class.
- A command format that students thoroughly enjoy. (Students show their understanding of the spoken language by successfully carrying out the commands given to them by the instructor. Production is delayed until students are ready and feel comfortable.)
- Grammar taught implicitly through the imperative.

- Tests to evaluate student achievement.


A TPR Testimonial:

We teach English in a mission school in China. At first, we could not get any of the Chinese teachers to even look at TPR books. They had been taught by British teachers in an English prep school and believed the only way to learn is memorizing lists of words and repeating sentences.

Finally, I took Dr. Francisco Cabello’s book and “ordered” a teacher to follow the script word-for-word from chapter one ---and she was shocked to see her students suddenly “come alive.” The students were comprehending vocabulary and short sentences so fast, the teacher had difficulty keeping up with them. Amazing. The next day, the teacher used the second lesson’s script. Teacher and students were delighted.

The third day, the other teachers in the school attended the class to observe and take notes. By the end of the week, TPR had become the standard for beginning English classes.
Thanks. Janice and Richard