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Dr. James J. Asher : Originator of TPR, The Total Physical Response

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Dear Colleague,

     If you are new to TPR, start with a solid understanding by reading my book, Learning Another Language Through Actions and Ramiro Garcia’s Instructor’s Notebook: How to apply TPR for best results.

      This catalog is loaded with TPR activities that will keep your students excited day-after-day as they move towards fluency in the target language.

     To ensure success, pretest a few lessons before you enter your classroom. Try the lessons out with your children, your friends or your neighbors. In doing this, you (a) become convinced that TPR actually works, (b) build self-confidence in the approach, and (c) smooth out your delivery.

      After a “silent period” of about three weeks listening to you and following your directions in the target language (without translation), your students will be ready to talk, read and write. In our books, Ramiro Garcia and I will guide you step-by-step along the way.

     Use TPR for new vocabulary and grammar, to help your students immediately understand the target language in chunks rather than word-by-word. This instant success is absolutely thrilling for students. You will hear them say to each other, “Wow! I actually understand what the instructor is saying.”

      TPR Works for Students of All Ages, including Adults

Best wishes for continued success!