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SKU: 9 “Live” Demonstration of Tan-Gau on DVD

“Live” Demonstration of Tan-Gau on DVD
Purchase “Live” Demonstration of Tan-Gau on DVD
  • SKU: 9 “Live” Demonstration of Tan-Gau on DVD

  • $20.00

the mysterious foreign language
approach from Canada

- In your very first meeting with your students, you experience immediate success.
- Every student is comfortable.
- Students have great fun deciphering what Raymond is saying in French
- Every student understands what is happening.
- No one is ever left behind.

In this extraordinary demonstration, the instructor, Raymond, speaking to English-speaking students in an alien language of French, allows the students 
to respond in their native language. This means that students are completely at ease and receptive to what Raymond is saying in French. You will see that the students are charmed, curious and engaged.

Remarkable results in Canadian schools!

Middle of the first year: Most students are speaking French.

End of the second year: All students are conversing in French.

A bit of trivia: Dr. Robert Gauthier discovered this amazing right brain phenomenon in the Orient and he wanted Dr. Asher to have the only remaining demonstration of film in existence, which you can now enjoy on DVD.

Produced by James J. Asher • on DVD • Color • 30 minutes • in English

Exclusive TPR Special

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