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A TPR expert working with students of all ages to acheive stress-free acquisition of grammar.

Read this TPR article: Withdrawal from Grammar - Transition to TPR: A Personal Testimony

Grammar Through Actions Using TPR in English, Spanish or French
For Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Students of All Ages.

Edited by William Denevan, Trainer of Foreign Language Teachers at Stanford University

"TPR is fine for commands, but how can it be applied to other grammatical features?"
Eric Schessler shows you how to apply TPR for stress-free acquisition of grammar:

Abstract Nouns | Adjectives | Adverbs | Articles | Conjunctions | Demonstratives | Expletives
Future (to be going to) | Future (Will)
Have - Present and Past | Interrogative Verb forms | Manipulatives
Object Pronouns | Past Continuous | Past Perfect | Past Tense of Be
Possessive Case and Of expressions | Possessive Pronouns
Prepositions of Place | Prepositions of Time
Present Continuous | Present Perfect | Simple Past | Simple Present
Singular/Plural Nouns | Subject Pronouns | Tag Questions
Verbs | Wh - Questions