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SKU: 23E European Map Student Kit - English

European Map Student Kit - English
Purchase European Map Student Kit - English
  • SKU: 23E European Map Student Kit - English

  • $15.00

Dear Colleague,

With your kit visible to your students, they hear you utter a simple direction in English as “Run your finger around the border of Russia.” They watch you perform the action and then do the same in their kits. Then continue with “Hold up Finland.” “Place Finland to the left of Russia.”
You will be amazed how fast they move from simple directions to sentences with more complex grammar as “Touch the capital of Denmark, which is Copenhagen.” If you think the capital of Albania is Albanian, raise your hand. ”Vatican City, the home of the Roman Catholic Church, is considered an independent country of Europe. Touch Vatican City, which is located in Rome.” “Run your finger around the boundaries of Norway. Touch the capital of Norway, which is Oslo.”
I guide you in ten lessons, step- by- step, as you move your students from simple directions to more and more complex sentences.
Another bonus: Using many different kits, your students pick up hundreds of useful vocabulary.
You will be thrilled to hear your students tell each other, “Wow! I understand everything she is saying. I think I can actually learn English”
From rapid understanding, often in one exposure, your students become ready to speak, read and write. This happens within 10 to 20 hours of TPR lessons using a variety of kits.

Note; Do not expect speaking on cue. Speaking will happen gradually as each student is ready. Reading my book, Learning Another Language Through Actions, is most helpful to you before you use the kits.

Remember: If you have an overhead projector in your storeroom, you can use it with the Teacher Kit of the European Map to project on a screen in front of your class the play board of the European May. To see how this works, click on Teacher Kits.