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Todd McKay: Successful TPR storytelling - Children, teens, adults

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TPR Storytelling

Todd McKay

Outstanding Classroom Instructor
Named to Who's Who among America's Teachers

TPR Storytelling was pre-tested in the classroom for 8 years to guarantee success for your students. 

✔ Easy to follow, step-by-step guidance each day for three school years - one year at a time.
✔ Todd shows you how to switch from activity to activity to keep the novelty alive for your students day after day.
✔ Evidence shows the approach works: Students in storytelling class outperformed students in the traditional language class.
✔ Each story comes illustrated with snazzy cartoons that appeal to students of all ages.
✔ There is continuity to the story line because the stories revolve around one family.
✔ Complete with tests to assess comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.
✔ Yes, cultural topics are included.
✔ Yes, stories include most of the content you will find in traditional textbooks including vocabulary and grammar.
✔ Yes, included is a brief refresher of classic TPR, by Dr. James J. Asher.
✔ Yes, games are included.
✔ Yes, your students will have the long-term retention you expect from TPR instructions.
✔ Yes, you can order Todd’s video demonstration showing step-by-step how to apply feature in the Teacher’s Guidebook #460 Todd McKay’s Classroom Demonstration

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