How our children REALLY learn

Einstein Never Used Flash Cards: How our children REALLY learn and why they need to play more and memorize less
by James J. Asher

“The clever title of this book is irresistible, but there is a problem asking a professional psychologist to review a book with experimental results written for a lay audience. I find it impossible to evaluate those experiments because the writers simplify with conclusions such as this: (p 173) “The first few years of schooling appear to be built on a firm foundation of children’s emotional and social skills… children who have difficulty paying attention, following directions, getting along with others, and controlling their negative emotions of anger and distress do less well in school.””

Trinity Notebook Review

Review of Certain Philosophical Questions from Newton’s Trinity Notebook
by James J. Asher

“Sir Issac Newton wrote in hundreds of notebooks asking questions in English, and Latin. Some notes are hidden in such tiny script; one may need a magnifying glass to read them. Newton was secretive because he feared theft of his ideas by envious competitors, and also many of his experiments with the “Black Arts,” and especially alchemy were capital offenses in 17th century England, punishable by public execution.”