TPR Storytelling Guide

A Simplified Guide to TPR Storytelling for Students of All Ages
by Dr. Francisco L. Cabello – Concordia College Moorhead, Minnesota

Author of “The Total Physical Response in the First Year”

“I would like to share with you my successful experience with storytelling. To illustrate, I am using the very first story called the Hungry Dog that appears in the marvelous books called TPR Storytelling by Todd McKay. The pattern will also work for Blaine Ray’s Look, I Can Talk books or stories that you create yourself.”


Researching TPR

Research for TPR Storytelling
by Dr. James J. Asher

“A class of 30 middle school students who experienced TPR Storytelling (TPRS) were compared with a class of 30 students in a traditional Audio-Lingual Method (ALM) class. Both classes were exposed to the same set of vocabulary. Then both classes listened to a story none of the students had heard before, but the story contained familiar vocabulary.”