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Dr. James J. Asher's Classic Videos demonstrate the original research.
Historic videos show the original TPR research by Dr. James J. Asher with children and adults learning Japanese, Spanish, French and German. These vintage demonstrations are time-tested and even more valid than when the film was shot decades ago. We include with every video a copy of the scientific publication documenting the amazing results you will see. A must for anyone teaching TPR. Each video is unique, and shows different stress-free features of TPR instruction - no matter what language you are teaching, including English as a Second Language.

NEW! Captured for the first time on DVD!
The Northeastern Conference
of FL/ESL instructors
Invited presentation by
Dr. James J. Asher

Narrated in English

Exciting TPR demonstration in Arabic and Spanish
followed by a lively Q and A session.

  • How to stretch single words into hundreds of interesting sentences in any language.
  • Your students will understand sentences, they have never heard before in the target language. This is the secret of fluency.
  • Why it is not wise to tell your students, Listen and repeat after me!
  • How to deal with adjectives.
  • How to make the transition from understanding to speaking, reading and writing.
  • How to deal with grammar.
  • How to deal with abstractions.
  • How to graduate your students with three or more languages.
  • How to put your school on the map. Get ready for the Greyhound bus stopping at your school with teachers from around the world who want to take a look at your program.
#104 - DVD -
The Northeastern Conference of FL/ESL instructors

Each video below is narrated in English and remastered from the original 16mm films

Children Learning Another Language: An Innovative Approach©
Color, 26 minutes, shows the excitement of children from K through 6th grades as they acquire Spanish and French with TPR.

Research published in Child Development, 1977, 48, 1040-1048: "Children Learning Another Language: A Development Hypothesis."

#435 - DVD

Demonstration of a New Strategy in Language Learning©
B&W, 15 minutes, shows American children acquiring Japanese with TPR. Applies to any language!

Research published in the International Review of Applied Linguistics, Volume III/4, 1965. "The Strategy of the Total Physical Response: An Application to Learning Japanese."

Also see, The Modern Language Journal, Volume L, No.2, Feb. 1966. "The Learning Strategy of the Total Physical Response: A Review."

Also see, The Journal of Special Education, Volume 3, No.3, Fall 1969. "The Total Physical Response Technique of Learning."

#408 - DVD

A Motivational Strategy for Language Learning©
Color, 25 minutes, demonstrates step-by-step how to apply TPR for best results with students between the ages of 17 and 60 acquiring Spanish. Easy to see how TPR can be used to teach any target language.

Research published in The Modern Language Journal, Vol.LVIII, No.1-2, Jan-Feb 1974. "Learning a Second Language Through Commands: The Second Field Test."

#406 - DVD

Strategy for Second Language Learning©
Color, 19 minutes, shows students from 17 to 60 acquiring German with TPR. Applies to any language.

Research published in The Modern Language Journal, Vol. LVI, No. 3, March 1972. "Children's First Language as a Model for Second Language Learning."

#407 - DVD

NEW! Live Demonstration of Tan Gau - DVD©
B & W, 30 minutes. Shows Canadian students acquiring French with a powerful linguistic tool you have never seen before. Get your students excited about learning any target language. You will have fun along with your students.

The remarkable results: After the first year, 90 percents of the students are fluent in French. After the second year, 100 percent.

Bonus: Interview with Dr. James J. Asher explaining how Tan Gau works in your classroom. Another exciting tool to add in your box of linguistic tools along with TPR and TPR Storytelling.


Authentic TPR Storytelling by Todd McKay©
Color DVD 26 minutes, shows the excitement of middle school students rapidly acquiring Spanish with TPR from understanding to speaking, reading and writing.

Click here for research documentation on Authentic TPR Storytelling.