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Ramiro Garcia: How to apply TPR for best results

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Triple Expanded 4th Edition

For 30 years, Ramiro Garcia successfully applied the Total Physical Response in his high school and adult language classes.

Four new chapters in the Triple Expanded 4th Edition (288 pages):
• Speaking, Reading, and Writing

• How to Create Your Own TPR Lessons

• More than 200 TPR scenarios for beginning and advanced students 

• TPR Games for all age groups 

• TPR Testing for all skills including oral proficiency 

In this illustrated book, Ramiro shares the tips and tricks that he has discovered in using TPR with hundreds of students. No matter what language you teach, including ESL and the sign language of the deaf, you will enjoy this insightful and humorous book.

(To see Ramiro demonstrating TPR with his students, go to YouTube and search for Ramiro Garcia.)