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SKU: 273 The Command Book

The Command Book
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  • SKU: 273 The Command Book

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How to TPR Vocabulary!
For long-term retention, be sure to TPR the words before you tell a story.
The Command book shows you how to TPR most of the words in Blaine Ray's Look I can Talk series and Todd McKay's TPR Storytelling series.
A Giant 300 page resource book, alphabetized for quick look-up including abstractions.
As a bonus, you will discover how to apply TPR to vocabulary items from traditional Level 1 and Level 2 textbooks.
Look up the word..."where"....
How to TPR it...
Maria, sit where Pedro was sitting.
Write the name of the country (state, city) where you were born.
Touch a student who's from a country where the people speak Spanish (French, English).