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The Graphics Book

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Dear Colleague, 

You recall that I introduced graphics in the Instructor’s Notebook: How To Apply TPR For Best Results. Hundreds of teachers tried the graphics with their students in many different languages including ESL and were excited to discover that students of all ages thoroughly enjoyed working with the material. 

Your students understand a huge chunk of the target language because you used TPR. Now, with my new graphics book, you can follow up with 300 drawings on tear-out strips and sheets that help your students zoom ahead with more vocabulary, grammar, talking, reading, and writing in the target language. In this book, you will receive step-by-step guidance in how to apply the graphics effectively with children and adults acquiring any language, including ESL

As an extra bonus, you will discover how to use the graphics to test the achievement of your students in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. In fact, I provide you with 60 multiple-choice graphic tests for beginning and intermediate students.