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TPR Bingo

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TPR Bingo
TPR Bingo was created by Ramiro Garcia
In 20 years of applying the Total Physical Response in his high school and adult Spanish classes,
TPR Bingo is the game that students want to play over and over. TPR Bingo comes with:
- complete step-by-step directions for playing the game
- rules for winning
- 40 playboards (one side for beginners and the reverse side for advanced students)
- a master caller's board with 100 pictures, chips, and caller-cards

In your choice of English, Spanish, French or German.
As Ramiro says, "Try this game with your students. You will love it!"

Here's how TPR Bingo works: You call out a direction in the target language such as "The man opens the door."
Students listen to the utterance, search for a matching picture and if it is on their playboard, cover it with a chip.
When students listen to the instructor utter directions in the target language, they are internalizing comprehension.
Individual students will ask to play the role of the caller which gives students valuable practice in reading and speaking.
As students play TPR Bingo, they internalize numbers in the target language from 1 through 100.
Additional chips may be ordered if you wish to use the TPR Bingo Game in another language.