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SKU: 96 TPR is More Than Commands

TPR is More Than Commands
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  • SKU: 96 TPR is More Than Commands

  • $20.00

This book Explodes myths about
the Total Physical Response:

Myth 1: TPR is limited to commands.
Myth 2: TPR is only useful at the beginning of language acquisition.

Demonstrates how you can use Professor James Asher's approach:
✔ to overcome problems typically encountered in the use of TPR,
✔ to teach tenses and verb forms in any language in 6 ways,
✔ to teach grammar, idioms, and fluent discourse in a natural way, and
✔ to help your students tell stories that move them into fluent speaking, reading, and writing.
✔ to go from zero to correct spoken fluency with TPR.