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"I tried the TPR lessons in your book and my students responded with great enthusiasm,
but what can the students do at their seats?"
TPR KITs allow TPR activities that students can perform at their seats.

If your students have the kitchen kit, then you can say in the target language,
"Put the man in front of the sink."
With your playboard displayed to students, place the man in the kitchen of your kit
Your students will follow by performing the same action in their kits.
Eventually, you will utter a direction and the students will quickly respond.

Lessons are now available in your choice of English, Spanish, French, German, or Dutch.
Kits can be used with children or adults who are learning any language.

A customer wrote: "My sister and I recently tried one of the Student Kits with a native speaker of Arabic.
We were both surprised at how much vocabulary and grammar we picked up in a few minutes of play..."

Try this with any language you would like to acquire from Turkish to Chinese to Hebrew.
It is simple, fast-moving, and it works!

Note: Supermarket Student and Teacher Kits are "out of print".