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TPR Teacher Kits

TPR Teacher Kits
All Teacher Kits include a transparency of the game board.

Use an overhead projector to display the playboard on a large screen.
Scan the transparency to your computer to display on a large screen or print copies.

"I tried the TPR lessons in your book and my students responded with great enthusiasm,
but what can the students do at their seats?"

TPR KITS are effective TPR activities that students can perform at their seats.
Students listen to you utter a direction in the target language,
watch you perform the action on the large screen,
and then follow by performing the same action themselves.
You say in the target language, "Put the man in front of the sink."
With your playboard displayed so that it is clearly visible to the students,
place the man in the kitchen of your kit and your students will perform the same action.