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TPR Teacher Kits

TPR Teacher Kits


Our TPR Kits enable your students to understand and retain for days, weeks, months ---hundreds of useful everyday vocabulary and grammatical structures

• Your students listen to you utter a direction in the target language and watch you place a person or object on the large screen.
• Students follow you by performing the same action in their kits.
• For example, you say in the target language, "Put the man in front of the kitchen sink."
• They see you perform the action on the screen and follow by placing the man in front of the kitchen sink in their kits.

It is that simple!

Each kit has 10 TPR lessons to guide your students from comprehension and later gracefully slide into speaking and reading.

All TPR Teacher Kits include a transparency of the game board or scan the game board to your computer.

TPR Teacher Kits are effective for large classes working at their seats or remotely